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Peace Technologist. AI Artist. Storyteller. 

Latest NFT Release

AAA 01_African Ancestral AI.png

AI and NFTs to promote global peace.


To build a more resilient and peaceful society, cultural pluralism is essential.

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"Peace is my compass"

Aishatu is a peace technologist, artificial intelligence (AI) artist, and public speaker who advocates for social justice in AI and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within Web 3.0 by forging new digital pathways for peace. She is a creative diasporan of African descent who can be found on the list of TOP 100 Brilliant and Inspiring Women in AI Ethics – 2022.

Multi-Chain NFTs

African Epistemology (1).png
AAA 01_African Ancestral AI.png
African Ancetral AI #2.png
African Ancetral AI #2.png

Visit my Virtual Reality Art Gallery inspired by Vernacular Design of the West African Hausa kingdom!


You can enter with your phone, browser or VR glasses.

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