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Explore the African Steampunk Collection

An exclusive collection shown in the 6th Dimension exhibition. Limited edition available for sale.

Free worldwide shipping.


Ice Nomad Blues

The Sahara has frozen over, and a spirit of winter prowls the snowy dunes in search of the one thing that can save her friend's memories.

in the Mythic Winter Anthology

Legacy of Peace

HOM x Aishatu Ado_collab_preview.png

Original artwork created in collaboration with House of Mandela Art.  Featuring original artwork drawn by Nelson Mandelaas part of his Symbols Series called Love Mandela.

HOM x Aishatu Ado_collab_preview.png

Visit my Virtual Reality Art Gallery inspired by Vernacular Design of the West African Hausa kingdom!


You can enter with your phone, browser or VR glasses.

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