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Mandela's Legacy of Peace

HOM x Aishatu Ado_collab_preview.png

"Here's an opportunity to tell website visitors a story and share something memorable that catches their attention. Click to edit and customize the text."

HOM x Aishatu Ado_collab_preview.png

 Explore on multiple NFT marketplaces  

SWC cover flower v1.png

Mirror Image

Auction on the 27th Aug 2022


Bakcker token 2.png

Support my impact project

5.32 MATIC

150/200 for sale

Golden Water_edited.jpg

Golden Water

385 FLOW

2/2 for sale

Aishatu_Eid mubarak 2022 NFT .png

The Rebirth of Calligraphy 

Airdrop to my followers at

22/22 as an airdrop (gift) 

Kamala Harris by Aishatu Ado 2.png

Kamala Harris - An AI portrait

385 FLOW

2/2 for sale

African Ancestral AI #3.png

AAA 03


10/10 for sale

African Epistemology (1).png

African Epistemology

200 FLOW


Green AI Revolution.png

Green AI Revolution

150 FLOW

5/5 for sale

Afro Luxe digital (2021).png

Afro Luxe Digital

150 FLOW

1/1 for sale

Steampunk AI-small file size.png

Steampunk AI

150 FLOW

3/3 for sale

Tupac final.png

03/03 as an airdrop (gift) 

Airdrop to my followers at


10/10 for sale

Misclassified bride.png

Misclassified Bride

150 FLOW

2/3 for sale

Fulani woman.png

Fulani Woman

100 FLOW

9/10 for sale

Underwater Medusa.png

Underwater Medusa


24/25 for sale

Peul resized.jpg

Airdrop to my followers at

3/3 as an airdrop (gift) 



100 FLOW

2/2 for sale

Visit my Virtual Reality Art Gallery inspired by Vernacular Design of the West African Hausa kingdom!


You can enter with your phone, browser or VR glasses.

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