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Artist. Author. Peace Technologist.


Aishatu is a Peace Technologist, Artist, Storyteller, Public Speaker and Entrepreneur, advocating for social justice within technology by forging new digital pathways for peace.


She is on the list of TOP 100 Brilliant and Inspiring Women in AI Ethics - 2022, a DataEthics4All TOP 100 DIET Champion 2021 and a Winner of the Inaugural Ethics4NextGen AI Hackathon.

Aishatu is a creative Diasporean of African descent that weaves real-world issues into technological promises of a better future. Aishatu explores Sub-Saharan African and Indigenous epistemologies and ontologies found in mythology, folklore, and oral literature to design innovative, restorative and equitable future(s):

  • As an Artist, by combining deep learning techniques, digital art, painting and photography.

  • In her role as a Regional Coordinator for Africa and Europe of the organization Black Women In Artificial Intelligence, she ensures the voices of all intersectional identities Black women hold are heard. Aishatu is committed to empowering, educating, engaging, embracing, and advancing Black Women in the Artificial Intelligence sector.

  • As a Steering Committee Member of Àròko Cooperative a Black-led multidisciplinary creative organization dedicated to cultivating a future of Black Liberation, care, and wellbeing for Earth and all of her inhabitants. We design, develop and support a range of projects, services, and products to nurture and elevate communities in the margins and propagate equity, liberation, and Eco-centricity. 


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