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Aishatu Ado is a visual and literary artist whose work interweaves postcolonial and Afro-feminist perspectives with indigenous cosmovisions derived from mythology, folklore, and oral literature, sculpting transformative narratives. Her embrace of quantum storytelling—deeply anchored in interconnectedness, embeddedness, and entanglement—acts as a compelling medium to amplify, celebrate, and honor Black experiences. 

​The interplay of intricate patterns, inspired by African vernacular, gradations and overlapping elements, lends itself to the distinct sense of kinetic energy and illusionistic depth. Developing an idiosyncratic visual vocabulary that's uniquely hers, Aishatu's compositions oscillate between figuration and abstraction, manifesting as strikingly nuanced and architecturally complex pieces.

Venturing into the uncharted realms of human-machine collaboration, Aishatu has tapped into the potential of Artificial Intelligence. She's in the process of forging a novel 'language' to demystify AI and technology through art. A significant part of her creative exploration involves leveraging deep learning techniques to embelish her hand-drawn digital illustrations with patterns and motif from different African textile patterns and architectual ornaments. These endeavors aim to spark socio-ethical conversations surrounding AI bias, social justice, and peace. Her AI artworks, a testament to her innovative approach, often transform her illustrations and photographs via her custom style transfer model. She further employs neural networks to conceive AI films, animations, and interactive installations.

Aishatu was commissioned to create an NFT artwork that captivated over 10,000 investors. She was handpicked to craft an exclusive P&G Signal NFT for a Procter and Gamble innovation conference, a limited edition piece made available to only 750 attendees.  Embodying collaboration with a purpose, Aishatu's artwork was included in the "Love Mandela NFT project" by House of Mandela Art, supporting the construction oft he Nelson Mandela Memorial Garden. This piece,  "Legacy of Peace," integrates a 2003 original by Nelson Mandela titled "Love Mandela."


Aishatu's captivating creations have graced global platforms. They've been showcased at events such as Mozilla Festivals, the Augmented Reality Amsarfest in Amsterdam, and the Afrofuturist arts events, "The 6th Dimension," held in New Haven & Hamden, and Connecticut.

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